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Adopting a cat is not something to be taken lightly.  It deserves very serious consideration of your resources (especially time), abilities (especially your ability to open your heart to love a creature unconditionally) and dedication (this is a lifetime commitment).  But, once you've decided, we're a wonderful place to come!
SO, first, come see us at Lifetime Friends Animal Sanctuary.  Call our director Michael first to make an appointment, then come on up and see the wonderful world of kitties!  Spend time talking with, petting, brushing, playing with and getting to know the cats and see if one "speaks" to you.  You'll both know if your hearts are touched and it's the right match and you're ready to provide a loving, forever home for this precious little kitty.
Protecting your new pet must be your top priority.  We ask you to promise (in writing) that you will never let your cat outside.  OR, if you do, that it's into a special enclosure where the cat can't get out and possible predators like dogs, raccoons, skunks, coyotes AND CARS can't reach.  And having a veterinarian perform the barbaric act of declawing your cat, thereby amputating part of it's paws, is completely out of the question.
Also very important to us is that you do everything possible (we'll give you tips if you need) to address any behavioral problems before resorting to ridding yourself of your pet.  There are many ways to help control seemingly uncontrollable behaviors, and as I said, we are happy to help.  You must promise, in writing, that if you feel you absolutely cannot keep the cat, you will return it to the Sanctuary, NOT take it to the shelter or give it to a friend where it could be exposed to harm.  We WILL take that cat back if you truly can't keep him or her.
Once you've found your little soulmate, we ask that you help offset our costs for spaying/neutering, shots, deworming and other necessary medical care by paying a nominal fee of at least $45.  Then you'll fill out a bit of paperwork and you and your kitty will be on your way to a wonderful new phase in both of your lives -- you're going to have special new LIFETIME FRIEND!
Call Michael Sowders at 208-290-2949.  :)

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