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We need volunteers >>>>>>>>>

Whether a couple hours a week, a few hours a month or just an occasional visit...

Volunteers come in many forms.  Often we think of a volunteer as someone who is able to spend time at the sanctuary, someone who can commit to a given number of hours a week or someone who possesses a particular skill.   Well, yes and no!  Volunteering at a shelter or sanctuary can be an emotionally draining experience.  However, LTFAS is very different from a normal shelter atmosphere. The animals are not caged and you don't have to worry that any of them will lose their life because they have been there too long.  We think you will be emotionally uplifted, working among these animals in their home,  See if any of the following fits how you may help!

We have only been in this location since October 2002 so the possibilities are endless.
1.  We need carpenters, dry wall installers, painters or anyone just really handy with tools or willing to do some hard work.
2.  Grading and tractor work. 
3.  Cleanup and gardening.
1.   Sit on the couch and let whoever wants to find his/her way to you to sit on your lap and just be stroked!.  
2.  Brush out mats, clip nails, gently talk with them about, well, whatever!  (Cats make great therapists.)
3.  Clean littler pans, mop the floor, freshen the water bowls.

1.  Volunteer at our thrift shop!  Click on the Thrift Store icon to the left for more information.
2.  Donate nice stuff to the thrift shop!
3.  Love to throw parties?  Maybe organizing a fund raiser or serving on a committee is just your style.
4. Like to talk on the phone?  Help find volunteers or low cost labor for sanctuary projects.
5. Help distribute information to bulletin boards in the area! Pick up donated items.

MAKE UP YOUR OWN WAY TO VOLUNTEER!  You know what you are best at!  How can you help put that to work to "become a part of the miracle?"

AND, when selling an ebay item, choose us as the charity you give part of your proceeds to -- buyers will see the icon next to your listing that shows you're giving to charity and may choose you over others!

Life-Time Friends Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  Thank you for your generosity!